Natura Helps Pet Parents “See Beyond the Bag”

Natural pet food company leads the industry by sharing ingredient sourcing and manufacturing details

Fremont, Nebraska (April 10, 2012) – More than ever, people are searching for information about the source of their meals’ ingredients and the safety of food processing. Pet owners are no exception, and with commercial pet food safety in the media spotlight, Natura Pet Products, maker of Innova®, EVO® and California Natural®, is inviting pet parents to see for themselves where their pet food ingredients are sourced and how the formulas are made.

Natura’s new website,, shares the regions where Natura’s ingredients are sourced and presents a narrated video tour of the company’s own plant in Fremont, Nebraska. Profiles of employees working in manufacturing and product development introduce visitors to the people who produce their pets’ food. Natura’s strict manufacturing standards and commitment to innovation are also highlighted.

“Natura has among the highest standards in the industry, and because of this, we’re proud to be able to offer pet owners innovative resources for learning more about their pets’ food,” said David Everson, vice president of marketing. “The See Beyond the Bag site highlights our Fremont facilities, our innovative product development capabilities and our high-quality sourcing standards, which we believe distinguish us from our competitors. We make these key investments because we strive to provide the healthiest pet food in the world.”

The See Beyond the Bag site invites users to explore interactive maps that share the regions where Natura’s products’ ingredients originate. All of the company’s product lines are featured to demonstrate Natura’s complete dedication to healthy and happy pets, and location data will be updated throughout the year as new products are introduced or new ingredients are added. Several ingredient infographics highlight benefits and fun facts.

Visitors can also delve deeper into Natura’s heritage by viewing a timeline of brand milestones and discovering the safety and quality checks that take place at Natura’s Fremont Innovation Center, which has received numerous certifications from food safety and quality control auditing organizations.

Natura has made a name for itself in the industry with its commitment to nutrient-dense foods and treats with no added artificial preservatives or colors, meat by-products* or fillers. The company’s ongoing commitment to innovation can be seen in its fresh ingredients, nutritious formulas and efficient manufacturing standards that help provide peace of mind for pet owners and wholesome, complete nutrition to pets.

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*Official Feed Terms, AAFCO

About Natura Pet Products

Natura Pet Products is recognized as a trusted name behind natural and holistic pet foods and treats. Founded more than 20 years ago by John and Ann Rademakers and Peter Atkins, Natura is dedicated to providing the best natural nutrition. Natura is committed to making premium pet foods and treats based on nutritional science and high-quality ingredients, combined with trusted manufacturing processes, for complete pet health. Lines include: Innova®, California Natural®, EVO®, HealthWise®, Mother Nature® and Karma®. To learn more about Natura Pet Products or for in-depth pet nutrition information, please call (800) 532-7261 or visit

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