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Mother Nature Natural Dog Biscuits

Mother Nature Healthy Dog Treats

All dogs need a little treat now and then. Don’t they deserve a gourmet dog treat bursting with flavor, not preservatives? Each Mother Nature dog treat is baked using similar pet food ingredients as those featured in Natura’s dog food and cat food products, so you can relax, knowing your dog is receiving nutritional benefits with every mouthwatering bite.



Mother Nature

Puppy Treats Natural Puppy Biscuits

Just right for a growing puppy or small dog and made with wholesome milk, eggs and oatmeal.


Mother Nature

4 Way Treat Natural Dog Biscuits

With apples, cheese, chicken and turkey, 4 Way Treat Natural Dog Biscuits help maintain healthy teeth and gums.


Mother Nature

Buffalo Stew Recipe Natural Dog Biscuits

Combines the taste and appeal of fresh whole food ingredients like buffalo meat with the natural goodness of stone ground grains.


Mother Nature

Carrot Cakes Recipe Natural Dog Biscuits

Made with fresh carrots, real butter and milk, and molasses, these tasty treats are a healthy snack for any dog.


Mother Nature

Honey Glazed Chicken Recipe

Gourmet dog biscuits made with real ground chicken, real honey, whole apples and a hint of cinnamon.