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Holistic Pet Foods - Pure and Simple Natural Ingredients Meet Modern Nutrition

When you sit down to a meal, the last thing you want is a bowl full of fillers like soybean meal, meat by-products and artificial preservatives. Well guess what – your pet doesn’t enjoy those “foods” either. Your dog or cat craves the same ingredients you do – high-quality meats, whole, nutrient-rich grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. Healthy pet food that not only satisfies your pet’s hunger, but is tasty, nutritious and natural. And more importantly, provides the vitamins and minerals that will help your pet thrive now and in the future. Natura Pet Products manufactures a full line of natural pet foods, including organic dog food, and each brand is prepared using wholesome pet food ingredients you’ll feel good about feeding your pet. And because every pet’s dietary needs are different, Natura pet food brands offer a variety of formulations created especially for every stage in your dog, cat, or ferret’s life.

About Innova

Just as dieticians recommend following the U.S. Department of Agriculture food pyramid for our own dietary needs, Innova applies this same principle when creating foods for our animal friends. Every Innova pet product incorporates elements from the five food pyramid groups - meat, dairy, vegetables, fruit and grain – plus essential fats and oils to deliver supreme nutrition for the overall health of your dog or cat.

About EVO

While all Natura Pet Products use high-quality meat as the main pet food ingredient, EVO dog and cat food is completely grain-free. In fact, EVO has the highest protein content of any meat-based dry pet food on the market and uses whole, fresh meat sources such as turkey, chicken and herring meal!

About California Natural

Simply put, California Natural offers complete and balanced nutrition in its most pristine form. It’s more than a food for pets, it’s a nutritionally superior recipe. In using so few ingredients, California Natural satisfies your pet’s hunger without upsetting the digestive system. We’re proud to boast that our ingredient list is among the shortest of dry pet foods, and that we use only natural ingredients plus essential vitamins and minerals.

About HealthWise

HealthWise premium pet food is complete and balanced nutrition that’s right for all sizes and breeds. We combine top-quality protein sources, like low-ash chicken meal and lamb meal, with whole ground grains and mineral-rich ingredients, to develop a pet food that outshines similar-priced premium pet product brands.

About Mother Nature

All dogs need a little treat now and then. Don’t they deserve a gourmet dog treat bursting with flavor, not preservatives? Each Mother Nature dog treat is baked using similar pet food ingredients as those featured in Natura’s dog food and cat food products, so you can relax, knowing your dog is receiving nutritional benefits with every mouthwatering bite.